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Library Facility

The college mechanism for the library management is in the form of our library committee which consists of:

The committee is empowered to review the various library resources. The committee normally meets quarterly in a year, and in some special cases. The principal can convene its meeting with library committee which consists of faculty members and a student representative. The major responsibilities of the library committee is :

  • Framing and modifying the general rules and regulations for the proper functioning of the library,
  • Selection of books for purchase and issue orders for purchasing them to the extent of allocated budget,
  • Placing orders for subscribing useful magazines and periodicals,
  • To watch the proper maintenance of the library and to keep the library well equipped.
  • To make availability of the library services to the maximum and optimum use by the staff and the pupil teachers.

Library Details

  • Total Books - 7300
  • Reference Books - 2000
  • Encyclopedia - 10
  • Journals (Indian) - 10
  • Magazines - 5
  • News Letter- 2
  • Daily News Paper- 5
Library Facility